We aim to provide a premium client experience through unbiased, attentive and high-quality work. We exceed industry standards, reaching our opinion of value and recommendations through extensive market research and meticulous analysis. We have sincere care for our clients, so communication and responsiveness are key in addressing their challenges. With business and real estate demands always evolving, we strive to stay up-to-date with technology as well as undergo continuing education in the profession.

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Hospitality & Leisure

Limited-service to luxury resort hotels, motels, bed & breakfast facilities, golf courses, motorsports tracks, marinas, RV/campground parks, and ski resorts.

Office / Retail / Industrial

Mixed-use properties, healthcare, schools and universities, shopping centers, industrial parks, entertainment, food service industries, etc.

Multi-Family / Residential

Apartments and condominiums, senior or student housing facilities, affordable housing/low-income tax credit (LIHTC) properties, and complex residential assignments of all types.


We specialize in the valuation of complex properties which often have going-concern values, such as hospitals, pet resorts, health clubs, etc.

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While a lot of the satisfaction is tied to getting where we needed to get in terms of the valuation, I definitely believe it was the collaborative tone that your team had as well as how well you and your team communicated. I’ve definitely shared my experience with some of my relationships and I look forward to working with you guys again in the future.

Steve Lin

Founder of Himalyan Capital Advisors

they were fantastic! Fully supported, well written, and thoroughly edited before finalization. . . Thank you for your excellent work!

Wiley Hayes

MidLantic Financial

We would like to thank each and everyone that participated in this project.  Although the timing came during a global pandemic, the end product is exemplary and exceeded our expectations.  A heartfelt thank you to Greggie who had to perform under unimaginable conditions . . . It was a pleasure working with each of you, and we are looking forward to getting together in the future.

Mark Rodak

Alpine Coal Company Inc.


ASB Extends Current Edition of USPAP Through December 2022

February 24, 2021

On February 19, 2021, the Appraisal Foundation’s Appraisal Standards Board (ASB) announced that the current edition of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) will be extended by one year. The 2020-2021 USPAP will be in effect until December 31, 2022.

ASB Chair Wayne Miller stated that “USPAP has been a living document since its adoption in 1987. Initially, changes were being adopted so frequently, they were simply being added as inserts into a large binder. As time has progressed the updating cycle lengthened to one year and now two years. Like every profession, COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on the appraisal profession and how we conduct day to day business. Pressing issues have arisen in our profession over the past year ranging widely from concerns about fair housing matters to how to conduct a socially distanced property inspection. USPAP is a maturing document, and it can take longer to study the complex issues facing our profession and how they will impact our standards. We believe all of these are all critical issues and deserve thoughtful consideration before we issue guidance.”

“With that in mind, we have decided to extend the effective date of the current USPAP by one year. This will provide continuity to the profession during this pandemic while also giving the ASB the appropriate time to carefully examine the challenges facing our profession before offering additional guidance.”

To learn more about this announcement, please click here, or visit The Appraisal Foundation website.

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